• Now
    Today,NARVA brand is registered in 90 countries, in 9 more countries registration is applied
  • 2010
    this year,Acquisition of the tanning lamp production area
  • 2008
    this year,Share capital increased to euros 1 million
  • 2003
    this year,Purchase of the production building and concentration of all functions inside it.
  • 1998
    this year,Investment in quartz arc tube production, approx. USD 800
  • 1996
    this year,G.L.E. moved to Herzbergstraße 26, 10365 Berlin
  • 1994
    April 13th,Foundation of G.L.E., Gesellschaft für lichttechnische Erzeugnisse mbH
  • 1990
    After reunification of Germany ,a 5 companies started to continue to marked light sources under NARVA brand.
  • 1988
    Up to 1988,the NARVA holding has got 25 member companies with more than 15.000 employees, offering to the market everything connected to light including lamps, ballasts and ignitors, luminaries, components for lighting as well as engineering services.
  • 1966
    In this year,5 NARVA companies had been linked to a NARVA holding. This holding brought to the market: Incandescent lamps, Fluorescent lamps, Halogen lamps, Automotive lamps under the brand of NARVA.
  • 1964
    This year,International registration of the brand took place.
  • 1963
    This year,the brand association NARVA had been founded.
  • 1957
    NARVA brand,was established and registered in the former German Democratic Republic.